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Archives and Special Collections

The Archives and Special Collections of the B.L. Fisher Library at Asbury Theological Seminary are committed to the preservation and promotion of our Wesleyan-Holiness heritage. We acquire, process, and make accessible material to further academic research for those interested in Asbury Theological Seminary, Methodist history, and the Holiness Movement, along with other related subject areas. We encourage and welcome visiting scholars to use our collections for their work, and equally welcome those making inquiries about possible donations of material to continue building our world-class collection.

Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet 

(ca. 2701 BCE)

Fired Clay

Source unknown

(1" X 1" X .5")

George Herbert Livingston Collection

Image of a Christian Ashram in India

(ca. 1950)

Photographic image

Photographer unknown

Papers of E. Stanley Jones

Signed Image of Hannah Whitall Smith


Photographic image

Papers of Hannah Whitall Smith

Great Temperance Meeting Poster


Ink printed on paper

Papers of Hannah Whitall Smith

Falls of Eternal Despair (Camp Meeting Painting) 

(ca. 1910)

J.W. Mallett, Norwich, CT

Oil painting on heavy muslin

210.83 cm X 274.2 cm (83" X 108")

Papers of Arthur Greene

H.C. Morrison at an Unknown Camp Meeting

(ca. 1910)

Photographic image

Photographer unknown

Photographic Archives of Asbury Theological Seminary

Solomon Dedicates the Temple

(ca. 1910)

Providence Lithograph Co., RI

Lithograph on heavy paper

Sunday School Collection

A.A. Allen Healing Service in Cuba

(ca. 1956)

Photographic image

Photographer unknown

The Brook at the Douglas Camp Meeting, Mass.


Photographic image

Photographer unknown

Papers of the Christian Holiness Association

Broken Pewter Fork

(ca. 1800)

Bone and pewter

George Herbert Livingston Collection

Sveta Bozh'yego Ne Vidish'

(You Cannot See The Light of God)


Ink printed on paper

Papers of Mark Elliott

Flyer for Shelhamer Talk

(ca. 1940)

Ink printed on paper

Papers of the Shelhamer Family

Piriform Juglet (Similar to Tell El-Yehudiyya Type)

(ca. 1700-1550 BCE)

Middle Bronze Age II

Fired clay vessel

Source: Ai66 Tomb F8

Excavation of Ai in 1966

4.25" high X 3" wide

George Herbert Livingston Collection

Water Buffalo and Watchtower

(ca. 1900)

Ernest F. Ward

Pencil drawing on paper

Papers of E.F. Ward 

E. Stanley Jones

Holding up three fingers was the Ashram Movement's 

sign that "Jesus is Lord"

(ca. 1970)

Photographic image

Photographer unknown