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Academic Recording Opportunities [COVID-19]: Home

This is a temporary page that contains follow-up information that covers the guidelines we have put in place to be compliant with COVID-19 safety precautions.

ATS Academic Recording Opportunities

Due to Asbury Theological Seminary's response to the COVID-19 epidemic, please see below to learn more about your options in regards to creating academic recordings with the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Team.

Pre-Library Opening Option (NOW): IDT is willing to work with you to schedule an outdoor recording (On-Campus and dependent on weather).  This can only be single person, talking head style recording due to technical and distancing limitations.  To schedule a recording like this, e-mail

Phase 1 & 2 Opening Options (Beginning May 18th):

  1. We will continue to offer the above outdoor recording option.
  2. Studio recordings can be done as a basic single person lecture (no interviews) and presentations can be incorporated in via laptop hookup.  Lightboard and diagramming stations will not be available due to sanitation concerns.
  3. To schedule either of these types of recordings, e-mail

Phase 3 and Beyond (TBD): We plan on expanding our studio availability as well as available functionality in line with suggested guidelines from government and health organizations.  We also look forward to getting our Calendly page available again for self-reservations.  We appreciate your patience with us during this process.