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The syllabi state:

"The student must have a computer with a current and updated operating system; current and updated internet browser; a word processing app capable of exporting in Microsoft Office formats; broadband internet access; a webcam and microphone for teleconferencing."


To be more specific, follow the guidelines below:

Minimum Technology:

  1. Current and Updated operating system (OS): For a Windows machine, the operating system must be the current supported OS from Microsoft. As of this writing, it is Windows 10. For an Apple computer, apply the same principle. It needs to be a currently maintained and supported OS. The best indicator for this is to make sure that the latest OS from Apple will install and run on your computer and/or check that the latest apps from the App Store will install without error. As soon as the latest apps for your system will not install, it's time to consider a new computer.

    • Be sure that updates are turned on and check this regularly.

  2. Current and Updated Internet Browser: At a minimum, you should be using the latest browser for your computer. For Windows that is Microsoft Edge and for Apple that is Safari. If your OS is up to date as we mention above, this should be fine. See recommendations below. (Click Here to check your browser for compatibility with Canvas)

  3. A Word processor app capable of exporting in .doc or .docx formats: This is most likely going to be Microsoft Office. As a student here you can get Microsoft Office 365 as a student for free. Follow the instructions here:

    • Google Docs, included with your Asbury Seminary G-Suite email, is a good alternative if you happen to want to go that route. It can do everything that is absolutely necessary for academic writing.

  4. Broadband internet access: As a minimum, this can be very low. 5Mb/second speed will likely handle most of what you need to do. Streaming videos and using Zoom are the minimum activities that your internet access needs to support.

  5. Webcam and Microphone for teleconferencing: Since Zoom has become a standard in higher education, be sure that you have a webcam and microphone capable of Zoom use. Most current laptops have these as standard equipment

Technology Recommendations:

  1. We recommend that you start your seminary journey with a new computer. I believe a mid-range computer should last your whole time in Seminary and should last through any OS updates.

  2. We recommend either Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. They seem to update more often and support new web technology earlier than Edge or Safari.

  3. We recommend using Microsoft Office as mentioned above instead of using a different word processor. While any will work, Microsoft Word is the industry standard.

  4. We recommend greater than 20Mb/s download speed for internet access.

  5. We recommend getting a headset (headphones with microphone attached) for use with video conferencing. It provides the best experience for you and the rest of the class.