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Using Your Library - ATS Student, Staff, and Faculty Edition

Services available at the B.L. Fisher Library

Ahh...the Tastiness

The B.L. Fisher Library offers a variety of beverages including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Disposable cup: $1.00
Your cup: $0.75

Tea bags: $0.75/each
Hot Chocolate: $0.75/packet


Study Rooms

Study rooms can be reserved for groups of two or more.

Unreserved rooms are available for anyone.

Our four study rooms are located on the third floor of the library.

Reservations can be made on this website:

Complimentary earplugs are available at the circulation desk.

Book Sale

The library has an ongoing book sale.

Books with envelopes: price printed on envelope

Hardback: $1

Paperback: $0.50

To add your book to the book sale, place an envelope in the book with your name, the price you are asking, and the date. Any books not sold within 3 months will become library property unless picked up.

Occasionally, the library runs a "Buck a Bag" sale when we have an excess of books available for purchase.