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Take-a-Break with the Writing Center

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Writing Center Logo

Why is it important to take a break occasionally from studying?

It is well-established (for example, see here, here, and here, along with the various links embedded in those articles) that taking strategic breaks while studying actually helps people study more effectively and retain more information. 

In the Writing Center, we take this advice seriously, offering a variety of take-a-break options for students at Asbury Theological Seminary.

How can the Writing Center help?

If you're in Wilmore, the Writing Center hosts monthly "Take-a-Breaks" featuring food, games, and other activities. In between formal "Take-a-Breaks," however, we have a Creativity Corner, which is available whenever the Writing Center is open. 

We have Legos, Play-Doh, a communal jigsaw puzzle, bookmarks that can be colored (we have coloring supplies!), and other craft supplies. Just ask one of the consultants on duty, and they will show you what we have. 

What if I'm not in Wilmore?

As we all know, the internet offers no shortage of entertainment possibilities! Here are a few that we've found: 

The Internet Archive MS-DOS Games Library (LOTS of classic games, including the old favorite Oregon Trail)

JigZone (online jigsaw puzzles)

Sporcle (online trivia games and quizzes)

Free Online Coloring Pages

If you have favorites that you would like to share with others, let us know by sending an email to