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A guide to resources available to ATS faculty members

Flexibility - Teaching in Flexible Times

While this resource is currently being built, you may use this as an idea generator for ways to accomodate students. The goal of this page is to assist our faculty by providing ideas for delivering instructional content when we are required to be flexible. Expect this resource to change and grow over the coming weeks. (updated October 9, 2020)

How to use this page

Consider your teaching style and click on the scenario below that best describes your teaching style or the intended delivery of content for a particular class session. Within each scenario below there are options for how to deliver that content outside of the physical classroom. This can help meet the needs of students who may have an extended absense or it can help guide you to some suggestions for ways to start converting your course to an online delivery method. Flexibility is key and we want to help you be as flexible as possible. If you would like help or a consultation regarding any of these options or technologies, please contact LITS and one of our Instructional Design and Technology team will meet with you to help craft the best solution with you.

The Synchronous Solution Scenario

Asynchronous Scenarios