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Hannah Whitall Smith Correspondence: Civil Rights

“One dear woman that I met last fall at the Saturday night holiness meeting, told me she was converted at that meeting: also her husband and two children. She told me how she disliked me because I was a colored woman: how she went to church full of prejudice, but when God saved her He took it all out, and now she loves me as a sister and thinks I have a beautiful color! Of course I call that a good conversation to begin with. Some people don’t get enough of the blessing to take prejudice out of them, even after they are sanctified.”

-Amanda Smith

An Autobiography: The Story of the Lord’s Dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the Colored Evangelist: Containing an Account of Her Life Work of Faith, and Her Travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa as an Independent Missionary (1893), page 226.