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How to Record and Embed Your Lecture into Canvas

Did you know that you can not only record a lecture using Zoom, but also have your PowerPoint slides open in the recording? Here's how:

First, open the Zoom app on your computer. If you need help signing up for a Zoom account or downloading the Zoom app, click Here for a guide.

Once you have logged in, you should see the Zoom user interface. It may look slightly different depending on your Zoom version, but you should see the "New Meeting" button. Click that option to start a new meeting. Keep in mind that you do not need any other participants in this meeting to record a lecture. 

This will start a Zoom meeting using your webcam and microphone. Please contact LITS if you are having issues with connecting your webcam or microphone to the Zoom app.

At the bottom of the Zoom window are two important options.

1) Record. The record button is what you will select once you are ready to start the recorded lecture. 

2) Share. The share screen allows you to share specific windows of your choice to the recording (or, to other participants in your meeting, if you are hosting a live meeting). 

If you have a PowerPoint lecture that you wish to use while recording your lecture, make sure to share your screen prior to starting the recording. When you click on "Share", you will be prompted to select which window you wish to share. For example, in the image below, I have a PowerPoint lecture that I wish to open during the recording. Note that you must have the PowerPoint slide open on your computer prior to clicking on the "Share" button. Once you have selected the window you wish to share, click on "Share" at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

This will now share your PowerPoint lecture, as well as a small recording of your webcam (if you have enabled your webcam). This allows you to give a lecture to your students by going through the PowerPoint slides the way you normally would in your face-to-face class. 

Once you have finished the lecture, you will want to stop the share feature by clicking on "Stop Share" on the Zoom app. Then, click "Stop Recording" at the bottom of the screen. 

A notice will appear alerting you that you will have access to the file when you end your meeting. Click on "End Meeting" at the bottom right-hand corner of the Zoom app. 

When the meeting has ended, you will receive a notice that the recording is converting. Once it is done converting, the folder with the recording will open up. I would recommend that you drag and drop the recording to a file that is easily accessible (Desktop, Documents, etc.). 

The file you are looking for is the file that ends in ".mp4". This file includes the audio and video recording. However, if you are only interested in using the audio lecture, that is the first file "audio_only.m4a".