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How to Record and Embed Your Lecture into Canvas

First, email either Joelene Goh ( or Daniel Errico ( your recorded lecture file (remember, you want to send us the file that ends in ".mp4"). We will upload it to Vimeo and send you the embed code. Once you have received the embed code from us, follow the steps below to add it to your Canvas classroom.

Now that you have your embed code, you will want create your content (assignment, discussion forum, quiz instructions, or page) in Canvas where you want to embed the video, and go into the editing mode for that content. Once there, you will see the "Insert" dropdown menu at the top.  Click on it.

Shows the location of the "Insert" button in the Canvas editing interface

Once you click on it, you will se a new dropdown menu appear and you will want to click "Embed" near the bottom of the menu.  Then, paste your code int he "Embed" window that appears and then click "Submit".

Alternatively, you can also click on the three dots to the very right of the rich content editor, and then the cloud icon for the embed code window.

Shows the location of the "Embed" button in the Canvas editing interface