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Spiritual Formation

This is a guide to resources for the study of spiritual formation written for Asbury Seminary.


StillnessThrough the journey of theological education the study of spiritual formation requires intentional engagement. Many times it may be assumed in classes that the information is forming the students and that the information in class is sufficient to teach the students how formation happens. The goal of this guide is to direct the theological student toward the resources and tools to both engage in personal formation and carry Christian formation into future/current ministries in which he or she may be engaged. 

Within spiritual formation there are multiple areas of focus and approaches to be considered. If we are studying the work of spiritual formation we have to consider if we are working toward personal formation, small group spiritual formation, larger church spiritual formation, or a more socially oriented spirituality that includes many actions toward and with others. The typical topic is internal formation of the Christian through introspection and “quiet” devotional work. However, this is a far too narrow view of the work of spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is much more than introspection. How much more and in what ways? That is where the resources of this guide is going to lead you. 

Recommended Terms:

  • Spiritual formation
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Spiritual direction

Broad Terms:

  • Spirituality
  • Christian Spirituality

Narrow Terms:

  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Worship
  • Solitude
  • Meditation
Library Catalog

The following resources are listed here to provide some guidance for finding citation format information and reference management. 

BR110-120 Works of spiritual formation

BV200-300  Works on prayer

BV4800-4897 Works of meditation and devotion

BV4900-4911 Works of consolation and cheer

BV4912-4950 Conversion literature

BV5015-5068 Asceticism

BV5070-5095 Mysticism

BV5099 Quietism


  • Kenneth Boa
  • Stuart Briscoe
  • Frederick Buechner
  • Oswald Chambers
  • Richard Foster
  • Henri Nouwen
  • M. Robert Mullholland
  • Eugene Peterson
  • John Piper
  • Evelyn Underhill
  • Dallas Willard

Library Catalog