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The Problem of Evil

This guide is designed to help students of Asbury Theological Seminary find resources on the problem of evil.

Recommended Databases

Suggested search terms: theodicy; suffering; problem of evil

Search results:
Boase, E. (2008). Constructing meaning in the face of suffering: theodicy in Lamentations. Vetus Testamentum, 58(4-5), 449-468. doi:10.1163/156853308X325029

Scott, M. M. (2011). Theodicy at the margins: new trajectories for the problem of evil. Theology Today, 68(2), 149-152. doi:10.1177/0040573611405878

Suggested search terms: theodicy; evil

Forrest, P. (2010). Why richard swinburne won't 'rot in hell': A defense of tough-minded theodicy. Sophia, 49(1), 37-47. doi:

Koons, J. (2010). Natural evil as a test of faith in the abrahamic traditions. Sophia, 49(1), 15-28. doi: 

Suggested search terms: theodicy; Good & evil

Danaher, J. P. (2012). The Problem of Evil from a Gospel Perspective. Evangelical Review Of Theology, 36(2), 137-142. 

Duncan, S. (2012). Moral Evil, Freedom and the Goodness of God: Why Kant Abandoned Theodicy. British Journal For The History Of Philosophy, 20(5), 973-991.