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At Home Production Guide for ATS Faculty

This guide details some best practice guidelines for creating video and audio content at home. There are also some equipment recommendations at the end that could be used to improve production as well.

Purpose of this Guide

We in the Instructional Technology Team are looking forward to working with all of our faculty again face-to-face in the studio.  In the meantime though, for updates on when the studio will be opening back up, or other academic recording opportunities, check this page on our Library website.

Right now many of you are stuck at home, creating your own video lectures.  The purpose of this guide is to help you implement some best practices into your at-home video production and offer you some ways that you can significantly improve your production value at a relatively low cost.

Let’s dive in!

Structure of this Guide

This guide is going to be structured in several sections.  You can use the buttons on the left sidebar to navigate between the different the different sections, which I will outline below.

The first two sections will cover ways to improve your home video and audio production respectively. The third section will cover the different LITS recommended recording platforms, and some pros and cons to consider when choosing which to use. The fourth and final section will cover some LITS recommended gear that you could consider picking up to add an even further level of production value to the content that you create.


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