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Library Loan Instructions

Types of Requests

There are 3 types of requests:

  • Book
  • Journal Article/Book Chapter
  • Other

Please fill out enough information for us to be able to find the item you need.

For instance, if we can't figure out which Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew you are asking for because you didn't include an author, we will email you for more information!

Putting in a Library Loan Request Automatically

  1. Find an item in one of our databases that you want to request.
  2. Click on the “Request with Library Loan” link.
    Image of Request with Library Loan link
  3. The system will fill in your request.
  4. Click Image of Submit Request Button

Putting in a Library Loan Request Manually

  1. Open Library Loan by hovering your mouse over "Services" from the menu at the top of the library website and click on "Library Loan."

    Library Loan Menu
  2. To put in a request, click on the "Create Request" button located on the right side of your starting page in Library Loan.

    Create Request Button
  3. Choose a request type: Book, Journal Article/Book Chapter, or Other.

    request types
  4. Fill in all relevant information that will help us find the specific item you are looking for.

    Image of a library loan request with information filled in

  5. Tell us the amount you are willing to pay. (Most of the time, we can borrow for free. But, if we need to go outside of our partner libraries, it may cost $10-$20 to borrow an item.)

    Image of Amount Willing to Pay Field with 0 filled in
  6. If you need to include additional information, please use the notes field.

    Image of Notes Field
  7. ****NEW FEATURE!!!****
    If you need us to send an item to a temporary address, please change the information in the address fields under "My address and contact information."

    Image of Temporary Address Fields
  8. Click on the "Submit Request" button!