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Library Loan Instructions

Renewing Items

You can request a renewal in three ways:

  • Via the Library Loan Website (see instructions below)
  • Email -
  • Phone - Call the Help Desk at 859.858.2100 and ask for Library Loan

Please include the number located under the barcode at the top of the pink book band.

Image of book band will arrow pointing to library loan number

Renewing Items - Website

You can request renewals for items borrowed through the Library Loan website.

  1. Open the Library Loan website.
    Image of Navigation Menu with Library Loan Selected
  2. Scroll down to find the list of loans you have requested.

  3. Locate the request you wish to renew.
    Image of Request to Renew
  4. Click on the "Renew" button on the right.
    Image of Renew Button with Arrow