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Four Levels of Assessment

Levels of Assessment

  • Classroom Assessment

    — Determination of individual student performance at course level by instructors

  • Course Assessment

    — Determination of how well a course is meeting student learning outcomes

  • Program Assessment

    — Determination of how well an academic program is meeting student learning outcomes

  • Institutional Assessment

    — Determination of institutional performance

What is Assessment?

Assessment is the ongoing process of:

  • Establishing clear, measurable expected outcomes of student learning
  • Ensuring that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes
  • Systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine how well student learning matches our expectations
  • Using the resulting information to understand and improve student learning” (p. 4)

Suskie, Linda (2009). “Assessing Student Learning” (2nd ed.) San Francisco: Jossey Bass.


The contents of this guide are adapted from a presentation by Dr. Deborah Colwill. Other portions are adapted from a SACS presentation by Pet-Armacost & Armacost, 2011.