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Help Resources

Tk20 has step-by-step tutorials located at this link. On the right side of the screen, click on the Tutorials sub-tab. You will see a listing of all tutorials available. Click the link for the one you would like to view.

Viewing Course Evaluation Results for Your Courses

  1. Sign into oneATS.
  2. Click the AIS tab at the top of the screen.
  3. In the Faculty menu on the left, click the Tk20 link.
  4. Select the Course Evaluations tab and then click Reports from the side menu.
  5. You will see reports that have been made available to you. Select one of the following reports:
    • Asbury Course Evaluations for My Courses
    • Course Evaluations 002: Comprehensive Course Evaluation Report for My Courses
    • Course Evaluations 003: Aggregate Course Evaluation Report for My Courses
  6. Select the correct term and course from the dropdown options, then select Display Report.
  7. You may export the displayed results to Excel by selecting export in the upper-right corner of the report.
  8. You may also print the course evaluation results in the Display Report format by selecting CTRL/CMD + P from your browser. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

TK20 CampusWide

Tk20 CampusWide is a comprehensive assessment and reporting system for collecting and managing your program, departmental, and institutional data, both academic and non-academic, for the measurement of accountability, institutional effectiveness, and for accreditation.

CampusWide lets you collect all your data systematically, plan your assessments, compare them against specified outcomes/objectives, and generate detailed reports for compliance, analysis, and program improvement.

  • Outcomes-based Assessments—Academic and Non-academic
  • Measurement of Student Learning
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Accountability Management
  • Seamless reporting for compliance and accreditation