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SLO Checklist

❏ Does it clearly describe expected knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors
of the graduates of the program?
❏ Does it indicate the level and type of competence that is required of graduates
of a program?
❏ Does it focus on the learning results and not the learning process?
Is it aligned with degree program mission statement and degree program goals?
❏ Does it reflect key results of program?
❏ Is it possible to collect accurate and reliable data for each outcome with existing resources?
❏ Is it stated so that it is possible to use a single measurement method?
❏ Is it stated so that more that one measurement method can be used?
❏ Can it be used to identify areas to improve?
❏ Is it SMART?
Adapted from SACS presentation 2011 (Pet-Armacost & Armacost)