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ATS Citation Quick Guide

MLA Citations consist of two parts: an in-text citation and a Works Cited entry.

An in-text citation consists of the author's last name and the page number, like this: (Moschella 35). 

In-text citations are required for BOTH direct quotations and paraphrases and MUST be used whenever you use another persons words or ideas. 

A typical works cited entry using MLA follows this format for a book: 

Moschella, Mary Clark. Ethnography as a Pastoral Practice: An Introduction. The Pilgrim Press, 2008.

For a print journal, it looks like this: 

Pohl, Christine. "Practicing Hospitality in the Face of 'Complicated Wickedness.'" Wesleyan Theological Journal, vol. 42, no. 1, Spr. 2007, pp. 7-31.

For a journal accessed online, it looks like this: 

Pohl, C. D. (2007). Practicing hospitality in the face of “complicated wickedness.” Wesleyan Theological Journal, 42(1), 7–31. EBSCOhost.

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