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Making the Most of Technology in Your Course

Created to assist faculty in preparing for potential or definite course transitions to online during the Fall 2020 term (due to the COVID-19 epidemic).


Hello!  Welcome to the "Making the Most of Technology in Your Course" guide from Instructional Design and Technology!

This guide was developed in the Summer of 2020 during the Global COVID-19 epidemic.  The purpose of the guide is to help our faculty prepare to move their in-person classes to online-only by Thanksgiving (or earlier if necessary).

You will find the primary four categories covered in this guide, and you can use the left navigation bar as an interactive table of contents.  The main categories covered are:

  • How to Handle Online Lectures
  • How to Transition Your In-class Assignments or Exams to Online
  • How Grading in Canvas can Save You Time and Effort
  • How to Make Simple Syllabus Work for (not against) You

Make sure to check out each main page for the category you are interested in, and then go to the sub-categories underneath as needed.

If you have any questions or need additional support, feel free to email either Joelene Goh ( or Daniel Errico ( for help.

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