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Making the Most of Technology in Your Course

Created to assist faculty in preparing for potential or definite course transitions to online during the Fall 2020 term (due to the COVID-19 epidemic).

Grading Assignments

To access SpeedGrader in assignments, you will want to start on the assignment instructions page. You'll find the SpeedGrader button at the top right-hand corner of your page.

Clicking on "SpeedGrader" will open up a new tab.

For demonstration purposes, the syllabus template has been submitted as an example. Where you see the syllabus in the image above is where your students' submissions will appear. 

[1] This grey bar is most likely what you will find most useful when using SpeedGrader to grade papers or projects. It is essentially Canvas's built-in review program. Any of the buttons to the right of the selected cursor (the cursor with the white background) can be used to add comments or highlight text in submissions. Feel free to explore these features when grading assignments. 

[2] Once you are done adding comments to submissions, you will be able to grade the submission in this field. Note that you do not have to click submit (in the highlighted box below) to submit your grade. All you have to do is simply press "Enter" or click out of the field

[3] If you would like to add overall comments about the submission, you may do so in this field. The "Submit" button is for any comments you have added to this field, not to submit the numerical grade.