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Making the Most of Technology in Your Course

Created to assist faculty in preparing for potential or definite course transitions to online during the Fall 2020 term (due to the COVID-19 epidemic).

Grading Quizzes

To access SpeedGrader in quizzes, you will want to start on the quiz instructions page. Click on "SpeedGrader" at the top right-hand corner of your page.

This will open up SpeedGrader in a new tab.

Question 1 is an essay question. You can see that the answer the Test Student has input is "My favorite topic is the adult learning theory." 

[1] As covered in the previous section, you may add your overall assignment comments here. Remember that the "Submit" button only pertains to comments that you have added in this field. 

[2] This "Assessment" field looks different, doesn't it? That's right - in assignments, this is where you input the numerical grade for the assignment. However, for quizzes, this field is not editable. The reason is because you must grade each question individually, and Canvas will update the assessment grade for you. How do you grade each question individually? Let's move on to [3].

[3] At the top right-hand corner of each question in your quiz, you will see this field. This is where you will input the numerical grade for each question. Canvas will not update the assessment grade until you have selected "Update Scores" at the very bottom of SpeedGrader (highlighted in a red box). 

[4] You may add any comments for the individual question in this field. Again, your comments will not be saved until you have selected "Update Scores" at the very bottom of SpeedGrader.

[5] Fudge points offer a way to "curve" the quiz for each individual student. This means that if you would like to give any points back to the student, you would add it here. You may also detract any points. Don't forget to click "Update Scores" to save this as well! Remember that this is an individual basis and will only affect the current student you are grading. 

Let's move on to the next question in this quiz. 

Now, you will see that the point field for this question has already been filled in [1]. This is because it is a true/false question that Canvas has graded automatically (based on the correct answer that you have input when creating the quiz question). Any questions that Canvas grades automatically will be submitted to the "Assessment" field (to which the arrow is pointing). 

[2] Add your comments about the individual question here. Again, don't forget to click "Update Scores" at the bottom of SpeedGrader to save your comments.